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1: The employer of registered establishments are legally obliged to pay contribution to the Institution @ 6% of the salary and wages of his employees drawing wages up to Rs. 22,500/- Per Month by cheque or pay order / DD.

2: The contribution is payable within one month from the date of its becoming due for example the payable contribution for the month of January, 2011 can be paid up to the last day of February, 2011 becoming due w.e.f. 1st of February.

3: Thereafter a statutory increase @ of Rs. 0.50% per day shall be levied up to 90-days where after it shall become 50% (static) of the principle amount of contribution.

4: The non payment of contribution is a prosecutable offence and in addition to it the outstanding arrears of contribution alongwith increase can be recovered as arrears of Land Revenue.

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